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Professional Organizer Viegas Cleaning Services
Professional Organizer Viegas Cleaning Services 2

A Professional Organizer provides services that contribute to the organization of environments. With this, making the spaces more practical and functional. It helps your clients get the house or office in order.

Ele accepts the challenge of organizing a residence, from cabinets, kitchens, closed, to the whole house or office. With it, it is possible to make everything the routine aesthetically interesting.

With Jeanne Viegas, you’ll find a qualified professional to meet the cliente in a personalized way. That way, your experience will be unique and your life cleaner and clearer.

What a Professional Organizer Does

When making a previous visit at the client’s home, the professional should raise the habits, routines and needs. Also, you need to identify the main environments used, the elements present and even the decoration. With this, it ensures that the service fully meets the user’s needs.

On this first visit, it is important to be able to get the most out of the Professional Organizer. To do this, an open dialogue will help you more clearly identify the objectives that the customer wants.  Finally, the professional understands that there are different customer profiles and will seek to meet the needs respecting the limits of each one.

A good professional, from his observations, make only suggestions from change or even donations. For isso, its goal is to create real solutions that facilitate the routine of those involved.

Advantages of hiring the service

As good professionals often say, chaos hardly returns to an organized and well-resolved house. Some of the advantages of against a Professional Organizer are:

  • Time savings;
  • Money saving;
  • Cleanliness and social well-being;
  • Optimization of spaces;
  • Harmonisation of environments
  • Stress reduction;
  • Increased productivity.

The list of benefits is not just that. It is a personal organization, where many points that can be benefited are unique to each client.


With works a Professional Organizer

The way of working usually varies according to the customer’s demands. In addition, it also needs to consider, the probable length of stay in the residence, its size, how many rooms, among others.

In the first meeting, where the survey will be made, it is important to have an alignment of expectativas. Then the Professional Organizer will be able to submit a quote. Basically, it will present to the client all the ideas that have emerged and the service proposal very detailed.

Stay tuned, in the budget it is important to contain among the information:

  • Places or items that must be organized;
  • How many days must be required for the work to be done with quality;
  • All planning of how the service should beexecuted;
  • The dates defined for the organization to be held.

With the customer’s authorization, it is important that the customer is close to the process. Since, at that moment, all objects in the environment in question will be screened. Generally, detachment , donations and sales of what is no longer used can happen at this time.

Tips on how to organize your home

Nothing like checking out some tips from a Professional Organizer to get you going to practice.

See what you already have

It’s important that you know and be able to visualize what you have. To do this, place the objectives you have in a space and observe and analyze each one. Finally, it disemits those you use from those who are guarded by an affective attachment.

Free yourself from what you don’t use

When observar everything you have, start asking if you really need everything. If, you realize you don’t need to, separate for donation and start feeling relieved and well-being.

Categorize objects

It is important to achieve categories the objectivesthat you have i. Organize and separate into boxes, baskets and folders. After performing this step, they can return to the closet in an organized manner.

Get the habit picked up saved

An essential action for those who are acquiring the organization process is to pick up and save. Avoid as much as possible catch a goal and leave it out of the space intended for it. This action tends to prevent objects from accumulating.

At Vegas, the Professional Organizer can offer several advantages. Since you will have your personal demands met with Jeanne Viegas quality. Count on our experience to remain productive in your work and get home and rest with quality.