Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleaning Services

What is Post Construction Cleaning ?

Building or renovating an environment is a process that requires time and a lot of dedication. However, at the end of a work there are always paint spatter, residues of the materials used, as well as dust from cement, which is harmful to health.

In order to make an attempt to remove the paint stains from the site, unprepared people will not know how to eliminate from the environment properly the harmful agents to humans.

A post construction cleaning service goes far beyond the realization of a conventional cleaning, because this case requires the strategic removal of all the fine dust from each corner of the environment. This act requires the use of specific equipment by trained professionals.


The importance of post construction cleaning ?

In addition to improving the quality of the modifications made during the work, this cleaning   service aims to ensure a better visualization of every centimeter of the environment, enabling the identification of possible defects in the structure of the site.

A common cleaning would not be able to allow the removal of fine dust, much less to make the place in question clean and organized in a much shorter time, since in the common cleaning no more modern and specific equipment are used.

Such a clean service must be carried out every time the floors, tiles, the paintings of the walls or even the machines of the environment are exchanged. From a small renovation to a large work, they call for a more specialized cleaning.

By performing the cleaning services in the work environment, professionals can identify, in addition to the places that require more intense hygiene, also possible cracks in the walls and exposed rebars that could cause several accidents.

What cares should be taken in a post construction cleaning ?

Cleaning waste works requires a number of special care, as we are often dealing with chemicals, cut tiles and pieces of bricks. Furniture that cannot be retracted from the site prior to the start of construction should be covered to avoid contact with chemicals and dust.

Because they are dealing with chemicals and waste that can often be clumps, it is necessary a series of equipment that will ensure the protection of professionals who are working in cleaning. Here are what they are:

  • Key money
  • Glasses
  • Mask
  • Rubber shoes.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

The 5 parts of a post construction cleaning


At this stage, all the locations that will be cleaned are identified. After identification, the cleaning products that will be used for each type of dirt should be separated, and only then should one go to the next step.


It is recommended in this step to clean the environments with water and neutral detergent, using a brush or cloth. But there is an appropriate order for performing an effective cleaning. See the following order:

  1. Fund
  2. Entry
  3. Ceilings and walls
  4. Ground

Cleaning of floors

The cleaning of the floors is a delicate part of the work, because they are fragile and easy to be scratched. Knowing which product and which technique to use when cleaning floors is extremely important.

Porcelain tiles should be cleaned with detergents diluted in water, with soft cloths and without rubbing it. Brooms with hard bristles are not indicated, as they may scratch the surface.

For wooden furniture it is essential to perform a prior cleaning and only then apply the waterproofing products. If a deeper cleaning is needed, an acid cleaner should be used to remove remnants of cement, mortar or lime.


Dust is the most common dirt when it comes to a work, so it should be used on the floor and on the walls cloths soaked in soap and water solution. The vacuum cleaner can also be used for the removal of fine dust.

Mirrored surfaces

Cleaning the glasses becomes very simple when using the right products. Slightly acidic products help to remove cement residues. Special solvents, on the other, have the power to remove paint spatter.


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