Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Viegas cleaning services

There is nothing like get home after a long day at work, and find your place clean, organized ang fragant. And the best part, it that you dont have to worry about the residential cleaning!

Viegas Cleaning it’s a professional service, perfect to make your home truly cozy and comfortable. Our team is prepared to clean your residence throughly and give you more time to relax or enjoy your family.

We proudly provide a great Residential Cleaning experience to our clients, by a tight control of our operations, and a trusted and friendly team.

Besides cleaning, our company offer another solutions to your place, and we adapt in many needs of our clients, our compromisse, it’s your satisfaction!

Viegas Cleaning it’s now attending in Massachusetts, we are ready to serve you, so if you want the best service in the region, contact us now and know our work.

– Why you should choose us?

Our residential cleaning services were design to attend the needs of each one of our clients, the efficiency of our services is perfect to give you more free time, our job is make you rotine easier.

We have a experienced team of professionals, who are available to carry out all the steps of the of your home cleaning.

–  What are our service periods?

You can call for us once or twice a week, at every fifteen days, once a month or each three months. We also offer one-time cleaning to help you after special occasions like parties or dinners at your place making these moments even more pleasant.

What types of cleaning will be done?

To make sure our team does a great job of keeping your home fresh and clean, everyone receives specific guidance, ensuring that will  be no overlooked  house area’s and guiding the right ways to do it.

Residential Cleaning Viegas cleaning services

By choosing the regular home cleaning package, our team will peform the following processes:

– Living, Family, & Dining Room Cleaning:

Clean doors and door handles; dust and wipe furniture; dust and wipe windowsills; dust and vacuum carpets; clean mirrors; remove spider webs and insects; sanitize and mop floors; vacuum sofa, pilllows and carpeted areas and cleaning baseboards.

– Bedrooms cleaning:

Dust and wipe windowsills; dust and vacuum furniture, pilllows and carpeted areas; vacuum or mop floors; clean mirrors; make bed and change linens and cleaning baseboards.

Bathroom Cleaning:

Clean and sanitize bathroom sinks and faucets; clean and sanitize tubs and shower enclosure; clean mirrors; sanitize and clean toilets and bathroom cabinet; organize bathroom towels; santize and mop bathroom floors; remove spider webs; empty wastebaskets and cleaning baseboards.

– Kitchen Cleaning:

Cleaning wooden and glass doors, door handles, vacuum and mop kitchen floor, dust and vacuum carpets; wash and disinfect kitchen countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet; clean microwave inside and out; remove spider webs; clean tables and chairs; empty trash cans and wastebaskets; wipe light switches and electrial outlets; spot clean kitchen cabinets; Wash top surface of all appliances,like stove, hood, fridge and dishwasher; whash baseboards and clean windowsills.

We know you need a great custom cleaning, so we can adapt to your needs, if you are ready to enjoy our services or ask any questions, please give a call to Viegas Cleaning Services, we are ready to assist you!

Viegas Cleaning Services can make your corporate environment a cleaner and more organized place that attracts even more customers and offers its employees the comfort they deserve.
Viegas Cleaning Services has been in the commercial cleaning market since 2016, offering quality services through highly trained professionals, who will know how to meet all your company’s needs.
Have more time to leverage your business. Leave the cleaning of your company in the hands of Viegas Cleaning Services.